#MagickUp is NOW up!!!

Magickup!!! Its Finally Here!!!

You ever been so excited that you couldn't sleep??? Well, that was me last night as we prepared to launch our new family business. After months of drafting and meeting. After weeks and weeks of designing, it is finally here! Whats the new business we are raving about? I'm glad you asked.

MAGICKUP apparel and accessories store is what has my heart pounding so hard this afternoon! Finally, a place where EVERYTHING is made with INTENTION and PURPOSE! A place where you can shop for inspirational and expressive tees, designer Magick Wear, Women's apparel and accessories, bags, art and more and everything is designed with higher purpose and alignment in mind. 

Check out the site today and purchase something in celebration of this amazing event!!! #MagickUp and may Spirit be with you! www.magickup.com